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John Florey

Principal / Territory Leader
Covering: Entire Region

John has been in the manufacturers rep side of the board for over 25 years and started in retail over 35 years ago. The foundation for the Highland Sports Group began when John first started working in his parents snow ski shop at age 6. During this period, learning the key principals of the family business allowed for a transition into a manufacturers representative by age 16 and he has moved through various industries including Skiing, Running, Outdoor, and Cycling.

As THSG has progressed, so have the learning curves and direction of the agency. The continued passion and drive to ensure the future of the industry and the future of our riders has become John’s approach every day.

John has continued to move in the direction of advocacy - getting kids on bikes, while also opening a THSG Showroom and Ride Center at Mountain Creek, NJ. If he’s not riding his Downhill or Enduro Bike at Mountain Creek, he’s at the pump track with his daughters, skiing and wakeboarding with his wife, or running into the mountains with his dog Breck.

Wayne Foose

Territory Manager
Covering: New Jersey and E. Pennsylvania

Mountain biker at heart, but loves all things on two wheels. Free time spent riding or hiking with family and dogs. Seasoned sales rep in the bicycle and motorcycle industry, successfully building relationships for almost a decade. Formally trained and certified in retail merchandising and various leadership methods, as well as multiple aspects of wilderness safety.

When not on two wheels, Wayne can be found playing with his two dogs Haley and Pepper, working on his Compound, and dedicating his time to local trail building.

Robert LIchtentstein

Territory Manager
Covering: New York

Robert our New York Territory Manager for the past three years comes to us with a passion for all things cycling. A graduate of Manhattan College with a degree in Finance, Robert has 15 years of experience in Credit, Collections, and Finance but his first love has always been cycling and the cycling industry. Having been fortunate enough to work for some of the great fashion houses in the luxury goods arena allowed some real fashion sense to rub off on Robert. This fashion sense and enjoyment of apparel was first noticed by Capo Cycling Apparel where Robert was the Northeast Territory Manager for 3 years. This position helped prepare Robert come to The Highland Sports Group and has given Robert an opportunity to work with some of the best cycling brands in the cycling industry.

When he is not working or cycling Robert enjoys spending time with his wife Brandi and chasing after his daughter Aria. His favorite dream bike of all time is an Eddy Merckx Team Motorola Road bike with Dura Ace 7400 that Robert owned and proved to be a wonderful companion on many spirited rides over the years.

Chip Ellison

Territory Manager
Covering: Southern Indiana, Southern Ohio, and Kentucky

Home: Cincinnati Ohio

From bicycles to biology and back again: Thanks to junior high principle who loved to ride, Chip completed his first century over 35 years ago. After a degree in biology and 12+ years of teaching with summers spent working at local shops it was time for a change. He made the switch to full time IBD'er. Two years as manager of a multi-store chain led to an opportunity to move over to the manufacturer’s sales rep side. "It's been a great opportunity to represent brands like LOOK, EASTON, and Pearl Izumi & SHIMANO over the past 15 years. A lot of folks along the way have been generous enough to give me the opportunity and time to teach me a lot about the product and sales of the cycling industry".

Chip enjoys working with dealers and staff on training (a throwback to his years of teaching) and in helping his customers find new creative ways to serve their customers. If you are ever inclined to understand how hydrogen bonds can help keep you drier feel free to give him a shout.

When not working on the next 100,000 miles on his wagon he enjoys letting it take him to visit dealers and find new places to ride especially when he can connect with his wife Lori for a ride or a run. She’s a rep on the run side of the business. And, of course looking for the next stop on the Bourbon Trail...

Drew Anderson

Territory Manager
Covering: Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, and Michigan

Drew started his stint in the bike industry back in 2003 in Harbor Springs Michigan. Starting out as both a sales associate and a mechanic gave him perspective and a working knowledge of both sides of the bike shop. Racing both off and on road, road riding began dominating his time on the bike after a State Championship road race win, some crashes, a ton of riding and a lot of learning, he made it to the Cat 2 (Category 2) level where he got to experience racing with national and international pro racers.

Working in various different stores In Michigan and California as well as a brief stint as a outside sales rep, Drew wrapped up his bike store career as a manager and fitter while finishing up college. Leaving the bike industry to pursue career opportunities in the financial industry for a few years was a great learning experience for what he did not want to do for the rest of his life.

It was in the fall of 2013 after he started a real estate investment business and became a licensed builder/contractor rebuilding and remodeling homes when he received a call from John and they started talking about the possibility of getting back into the cycling industry. In short order, he joined the Highland Sports Group.

When not working with his retailers you can find Drew rebuilding a house, out riding, searching for a new bourbon to add to the collection, or possibly creating some great food in the kitchen.

Chris Denoma

Technical Representative

Chris has been working on bikes since he can remember and is an industry veteran with 15 years of industry experience. Starting at age 10 he has been tweaking, tinkering and working his way into his Tech Rep Position with The Highland Sports Group.

He received his first bmx bike in 1998 and this led him on his mechanical quest to make it last on ten bucks allowance for the year. He started at Cycle Funnattic in NJ in 2003 where his dedication to road and mountain bikes took hold. He moved to High Gear Cyclery in 2005 and has been on board with the Highland Sports Group since 2010.

When not on one of his bikes, Chris works with dog rescues, tinkers with his own frame building, and likes good coffee.

Kathi Krause

Operations Manager

Kathi Krause (Vernon, NJ) started her cycling career on the velodrome in 1985 and worked her way through criteriums, road, cyclocross and cross country before finding her way to the Pro Downhill circuit in 1998. Racing for various teams during her 10 years as a pro, she accumulated many laurels along the way, including victory in the prestigious Kamikaze downhill race in 2004. Since retiring from racing at the pro level, Kathi has tested the waters at the Megavalanche downhill race in Alp d’Huez, France, and the occasional local cross country and downhill races.

With three Masters World Downhill Championships, five Masters National Downhill Championships, and 25 years of racing behind her, Kathi acquired her USA Cycling coaching license and IMBA instructor certification. With these in hand, she started Dirt Rock n Root Training in 2011. One of Kathi’s main objectives is to help bring more women and kids into mountain biking and to promote mountain biking as a lifetime sport.

When not coaching, you can find Kathi shredding the trails at Mountain Creek Bike Park or other NJ bike trails.


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